And just few miles north of Rome

There are some very nice villages by the shore. My favorite is named Santa Severa. Here there are some beautiful Villas: now is time to invest in Italy buying houses! Did you ever thought about moving here? I can help you putting you through either some real estate agencies or directly with the owners

End of October beautiful weather
The local medieval Castle
Full size
The beach
Close by hills and countryside

When after so much Art and History you look for Nature: here you can find all of them

Villa Pamphili: for me one of the most beautiful Parks of the world
Respighi was inspired by these trees and composed The Pines of Rome
Il Casino dell’Algardi. Here are hosted Italian Prime Ministers important official Meetings
Respighi composed also The Fountains of Rome

What about a Private Concert of Baroque Music?

It would be only you and your beloved. Enjoying high quality Baroque Music and, why not, at the end some appetizers and some very good local wine to toast you all our best wishes!

Our professional musicians performing during a public concert
Another public concert of our great musicians
Our Studio Theatre: there would be only you and your beloved

How can I know if Sergio Grom is a good guide?

Well, of course this website is quite new so none really knows neither Sergio Grom nor Ewa Augustynowicz. About Ewa there’s a lot of info in her very long and detailed cv, just spend a few minutes to give a look. About Sergio usually Tour Guides don’t have a cv because being freelance their job is based on situations that last few hours, maximum few days. But guests leave evaluations. Sergio’s ones can be red on Toursbylocals where he’s listed as Sergio G. and on TripAdvisor where he’s listed as Roma con dei Romani and/or Rome with the Romans. Please read them and discover the many many five stars out of five evaluations received during the last 10 years as a Tour Guide. Thanks