All info you might need to know about booking Rome’s archeological area

Published by sergiogrom

Ciao, a few words about myself: instead of a Tour Guide, notwithstanding my official license and my Degree in History, I'd rather be considered your friendly "Local Expert", your "Buddy in Rome". One of my guests reviews may explain what I mean: "Sergio was a fantastic tour guide. He had such extensive knowledge of history and art in Rome. He was very personable and had great English. The best part of his time with us was his bond with my 1. 5 year old daughter. He took her into consideration the entire tour and edited where needed to make the trip enjoyable and possible with a little one in tow" The word I like the best is: "edited"! All my tours are different because. . . they develop following my guests' needs and interests! I was born and raised in Rome, where most time I still live: sun and sea please me a lot so, whenever I can, you can find me there. . !! Even if my teaching experiences lasted only a few months when I taught Italian for foreigners, most of my colleagues call me: "The Professor", may be because of my University Degree in History, or may be because I look pretty serious! To tell the truth I have a deep sense of Humour, expecially when I talk about our politicians (anyway no big effort in laughing about them!!) I started working in tourism in 1970 (for Hertz rent a car). In 1980 I moved to the Reception of a centrally located Hotel in Rome (front desk staff). In 1987 I've got my licence as a Italy and Europe Tour Guide. In the following 20 years (Oh mamma mia!) I worked mainly leading Tours in Italy and Europe, but in the last ten years, as a licensed Tour Guide mostly in Rome only: I love this caotic city! A great mixture of past, present and, why not, future! One day I was leading as a location manager (I did that too!) a BBC crew filming here by the Campo dei Fiori fruit and vegetable market. . . Talking with one of the speakers I told him that Rome. . "Is like a beautiful woman. . sometimes you hate her. . . but you can't live without her. . . " He liked this so much that he wanted me to repeat it in front of the video camera: what a shame!!! Do not hesitate to contact me for any curiosity, info, request you might have: your questions are more then welcome and dear to me. . By the way my wife is a musician (baroque violinist) so we might also offer private concerts as well. .

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