An Unforgettable Experience

In the past centuries many enlightened travelers used to do the so called Grand Tour, that is a journey through Italy and Greece looking for the roots of our culture.

They were educational journeys that lasted months or even years and whose aim was: ”knowledge “!

There’s nothing worse then spending life without exploring and learning.

That’s why during our Tours we’re going to show you not only all the relevant highlights of Rome, both from an artistic and archeological point of view, but we’d like to take you as well where people live so you can get acquainted with the past, but also with the present of Rome and of the Romans.

Giving you an overall deep knowledge of the Eternal City, its inhabitants and, why not, its cuisine we’d like you to live this time as a new and unforgettable experience of your life.

Explore with us the Archeological area: Colosseum, Roman and Imperial Forum, Palatine Hill

Amazing, fun and informative private guided tour. Treat yourself. See costs here down below. This tour includes the entrance and visit of many sites usually not included in the ordinary visits of the archeological area.

Discover History

Vatican and Saint Peter’s Basilica Tour.

We’ll see:

  • Vatican Gardens, where Popes enjoy walking when Museums close;
  • Painting Gallery, opened by Pope Pio XI in the 1930s, hosting masterpieces of medieval, renaissance and modern Painters (with works of Giotto, Leonardo, Caravaggio and Raphael)
  • Corridors of the Candlesticks, of the Tapestries and of the Geographical Maps, built through the centuries by different Popes to connect the various parts, apartments and Palaces of the Vatican
  • Raphael Stanze, masterpiece of il Divino Raffaello, once the private apartments of Pope Giulio II and Pope Leo X
  • Sistine Chapel, outstanding frescoes by the genius of Michelangelo but also Botticelli and many other top artists’ immortal frescoes.
    Later we’ll exit by St Peter’s Basilica, the largest Catholic Church in the world. In St. Peter’s we are going to enjoy the masterpieces of Michelangelo (Pieta) and Gianlorenzo Bernini (Twisting bronze columns and the amazing Colomnade

Best Experiential Walking Tour in town

We’ll see the Spanish Steps, now heart of the Fashion District of Rome, the outstanding Trevi Fountain, set of many famous movies, e. g. la Dolce Vita by Federico Fellini, the Colosseum (outside but with a very good and detailed explanation), symbol of the Imperial power of the Romans; Roman and Imperial Forums (outside, but with some of the best view of all the archeological area), since the foundation of the “Urbs” centre of political, religious and business life; Old Jewish Ghetto, the area where the Jewish Community of Rome had to pass most of their life; Tiberine Island, the main reason why Rome grew here and not somewhere else; Trastevere, the area “across” the Tiber river, Piazza Navona, once a Stadium, then a food and vegetable market, now the most beautiful Baroque square of Rome , the Pantheon (inside), Campo dei Fiori, St. Angel Castle (outside) with the best view of the Vatican (St’ Peter’s Basilica). During our pleasant walk we’re going to stop and enjoy some local “street food”, like the famous roman “supplì”, some slices of very good pizza, a glass of a tipical roman wine, an ice-cream, some amazing roman pastries and of course some coffee!

When Rome was crowded…personally I loved it! For my Tourism means life for cities like Rome!
What about a nice walk through the Imperial Forum?
Saint Peter’s square
Rome by night…😊😊😊

What People Say

Richard Scott

Tour: Colosseum low season bes,…
Date: Nov 26, 2019
Location: Rome, 07, Italy

Sergio kept in constant contact and was very helpful in setting up our two tours. Great tour guide. At the end he pointed us to an outstanding restaurant for lunch. Knowing a local has its perks!

Marina Montano

Tour: Vatican: the secrets of ,…
Date: Nov 9, 2019
Location: Roma, 07, Italy

Sergio was like a professor – so knowledgeable and he took the time to explain what he knew about everything as he walked us through the Vatican. It was beautiful! The experience couldn’t have been more enjoyable. Thank you Sergio for showing us so much and being so kind.

Amy Woods

Tour: A full day in Rome from ,…
Date: Nov 10, 2019
Location: Civitavecchia, 07, Italy

Sergio was WONDERFUL. We had only 8-9 hours in Rome, and he saw to it that we made the most of our time there. He knew so much history, and we appreciated his ability to give us just the right amount of information and time at each stop. It was worth every penny. We HIGHLY recommend Sergio

Tour practical Information. All tours are private guided tours.

All tours are private guided tours that last about 4 hours

Rome best walking tour of Squares and Fountains

Wear comfortable shoes and, of course, check the weather forecast.

Vatican and Saint Peter’s Tour: be amazed in front of the Masterpieces of Michelangelo, Raphael, Bernini and many other top artists

The Vatican requires modest attire. No big backpacks, no scissors, no glass bottles and no big umbrellas allowed

View of the colosseum in Rome

Visit the Colosseum and then explore the Republican and the Imperial Forum, the Palatine Hill and the Capitoline Hill

Wear confortable shoes and, of course, check the weather forecast.

Isn’t this the most amazing view of the world?
Inside the Flavian Amphitheater better known as: the Colosseum!
Another view of the Colosseum
Exclusive Offer

Only with us you can enjoy a private baroque concert with Ewa and her Ensemble Giardino di Delizie

At the end of each tour we can plan being at Ewa’s Studio where you’ll enjoy a private concert. At the end some appetizers and drinks will be served

The famous Italian actor Alberto Sordi in the movie: “Un Americano a Roma”. He wanted to live and eat as an American but…when he saw spaghetti he couldn’t resist!